Retrieving Office365 IPs and URLs via PowerShell

Full Disclosure I truly stink at scripting and rather dread it.  I knew early on in my career that programming was not a strength of mine, so I chose to gravitate towardsRead More...
By : Trevor Miller | Jan 22, 2018

Transport Relays in Skype4B Online and Teams

Despite the major announcements around Microsoft’s change to position Teams as the first-and-foremost UC solution in the portfolio over Skype4B, the other just-as-big-change was the announcement that the underlying network infrastructure usedRead More...
By : Trevor Miller | Jan 15, 2018

Examining Network Traffic for Microsoft Teams in Office365

Updated 9/28/2017 – Including direct references to Ignite content relevant to architecture Ignite 2017 has turned out to be quite the stir for Unified Communications…err…I mean, Intelligent Communications. The big news thatRead More...
By : Trevor Miller | Sep 27, 2017
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